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The Book Boyfriend

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Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Book Boyfriend promo image featuring images of the paperback and ebook cover art on a blurry background of old books and a review quote by author Belinda Missen which reads: "The best Romance I've read this year!"

About The Book Boyfriend

“Let us find solace in the quiet…”

Emmeline always dreamed of being an author, finding comfort in words and between the pages of her beloved romance novels, but a mental health diagnosis leaves her blocked and unable to write. Then she inherits a crumbling, second-hand bookshop from a mysterious old friend and Emmy discovers that magic is real. Maybe her fantasies about the heroes in her favourite historical romances aren’t so far-fetched after all?

Lord Jonathan Dalgliesh is the handsome stranger-wielding a sword as dangerous as his Tudor past-who appears in Emmy’s bookshop asking for help. Together they must race against time itself to lift the curse imprisoning him inside an ancient. book. But when growing threats to Emmy’s safety are proved real and not another symptom of her illness, she must learn to trust her own voice again. Can she find the words to save Jonathan and her shop before tragedy strikes on the fateful final page?

Romance-addict Emmy may be, but this damsel is about to kick distress into the Ever After.

Perfect for fans of Deborah Harkness, Diana Gabaldon and Paula Brackston, THE BOOK BOYFRIEND is an unashamedly romantic tale about the magic of words and the power of discovering one’s voice.

About me

My first name is pronounced like “Gina” (I’m named after the Old-Hollywood movie star Gina Lollabrigida!) I write romance with a magical twist, often featuring characters with physical and mental health conditions, because people with chronic health problems deserve Happily Ever Afters too!

My debut novel, “The Book Boyfriend”, a paranormal/time-travel romance featuring positive mental health and fat representation was published in paperback and ebook in October 2021 by Violet Gaze Press and in audiobook by Saga Egmont, and you can get a copy here.

In 2018, I created UKRomChat, a live Twitter chat featuring romance authors and industry professionals, which amazingly, has been nominated for industry awards! You can find out more about UKRomChat here.

Also in 2018, I developed a rare chronic disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) after an accident at work, leaving me disabled and having to leave a job I loved. On the plus side, I do now have more time to write! It was a family joke that I must have been bitten by a radioactive sloth as a teenager, but I’ve recently discovered that my inability to focus and general snail pace is because I have ADHD, which probably also explains my MAJOR Shiny New Thing Syndrome.

I live in glorious Devon with my husband, our two children and a cat who sounds like a goat. Come and chat with me on Twitter or…

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